IMG_7970Hi! I am very happy you stumbled on my little blog :-).

My name is Silvia Merler. I am Italian – originally from a small town in the Northern Italian Dolomites – but I am currently living in Washington DC. Before that, I lived for some time in Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France), two cities that I love very much. I love to travel the world and I am still stubbornly taking pictures of it on film, which you can find on my personal Instagram feed.

I have a BA and Master degree in Economics, and I am currently a PhD student in International Relations, focusing on the future of the troubled European Union. I often blog and do research on this topic, most of which can be found here if you are interested.

I have a long-lived passion for cooking, especially for baking all sort of things, so in 2016 I finally decided to get my own blog started. As a rule, I like cooking simple things with seasonal ingredients. I have a special thing for desserts, so there will be a lot of them on this blog. Like me, my recipes mix deep Italian roots with inspirations I picked up during my European and American wanderings. I hope you’ll enjoy!